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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Why are some Chautauqua Lake Homes on the Market for so long?

We are often ask the title question:

There is no ONE answer but, I'll give you our experienced response: Pricing and Market exposure sell houses. These are 2nd homes (toys) generally purchased for all cash or with considerable equity. Nobody has to sell, the tendency to overprice a home can be greater than on a primary residence.

We sell lakehomes year round the prime selling season is April thru October. If not sold in that time many owners withdraw the house for the off season and put it back on the following season/year.

Because our clients live outside the area weather plays a part, no snow buyers come out snow they stay home.

Because nobody has to purchase a second home buyers can be slower to respond to opportunities. We work with many buyers for a number of years before they purchase. Some buyers continualy think something better will come along. Some sellers think a better offer will come along and turn down a good offer.

We run into everything, houses are rented and can't be shown, seller using it and doesn't want it shown. The stock market is up, the stock market is down. The media announces the world is ending.

Many properties are on for 2-3 seasons and sell for list price or within 3-6%. Just waiting for the right buyer.

As I stated there is no direct answer, all of the above and more keeps the DOM clock ticking. If a property is priced right and many times even if it isn't (buyers are not shy about offers) ALL houses sell.

We have been fortunate that we never had over building, speculation or flipping. Our market was affected by 2008 like every market but, to a much lesser degree.

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