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Friday, April 30, 2010

State approved Safe Boating Class to be held May 19-20

POSTED: April 30, 2010
MAYVILLE - The first New York State Approved Safe Boating Class for the season will be held on May 19 and May 20 at 5:30 pm.
The first class of the season is a 2-day class to accommodate working adults and teens. The class will be held at Chautauqua Marina, 104 West Lake Road, Mayville (across from Webb's). To register for the class, call New York State Instructor Debi Clementi at 753-0409 or email
New York State Law updates this year include:
Wearing a PFD (Personal Floatation Device): New York State Navigation Laws state that everyone under 12 years of age must wear PFD (life jacket) while onboard a boat under way, and that a PFD be available for every individual on board. Also Effective November 2009, anyone onboard a recreational boat less than 21 and under way from Nov. 1 to May 1 must be wearing a PFD.
PWC( Personal Water Craft/Jet-Ski) Operation: Persons 14 years of age and older who wish to operate a personal watercraft (solo) must take an 8-hour classroom based New York State Approved Safe boating course and successfully complete the proctored exam before they can operate a PWC on any waters of New York.
If you do not have a safe boating certificate, but you are on the PWC with a person 18 years of age or older and they have a Safe Boating Certificate you may operate the PWC if they are on the PWC with you. All solo PWC operators must be a minimum of 14 years old and hold a safe boating certificate - no one under the age of 14 may operate a PWC solo under any circumstances without a person ages 18 or older who holds a New York State Approved Safe Boating Certificate.
This law only affects the operation of PWCs. Anyone between the ages of 10 and 18 who holds a boating safety certificate can operate a motor boat. Anyone over 18 does not need a boating safety certificate to operate a motor boat.
Personal Watercraft Rentals: If you are 18 years of age or older and wish to rent a PWC from a livery (such as Chautauqua Marina), you may do so providing you follow the livery state imposed safety guidelines.

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