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Monday, April 01, 2019

Safety and Financial Value: Tips for Prospective Home Sellers

When it comes to selling your house, home security is more than a means of protecting your family — it’s an investment that can increase the value of your home and even drive up your sale price. The integration of smart technology and a wide array of home security devices, and the convenience it provides, is altering the way people prepare their houses for the real estate market. It’s one way that technology is impacting the home buying/selling process and making it easier for people to sell despite an often-sluggish housing market.
Busting Burglars
A revolutionary new approach to home security is making it impossible for burglars to snatch packages off front porches and for intruders to case neighborhoods without being identified. The Ring Video Doorbell (available for $99.99) combines HD video and WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity for homeowners who want to bust bad guys in real time. A small camera in the doorbell lets you monitor the goings-on at home from any remote location and literally scare away a would-be thief with a verbal assurance that you’re calling the police immediately. The smart tech device has proven so effective that law enforcement agencies have been able to use it to identify and catch criminals. A recent partnership between Ring and the Los Angeles Police Department resulted in a 55 percent decline in burglaries in the Wilshire Park neighborhood.
Cool Security Devices
The Nest Secure DIY home security system is easy to install, arm, and disarm, and it comes with top-grade sensors offering an unprecedented degree of security. It’s responsive as well, allowing you to come and go, open windows, or let the dog in without setting off alarms and notifying the police. Amazon’s Cloud Cam offers high-definition video, rapid motion notifications, and around-the-clock Cloud video clip storage. Smart locks are another popular smart tech advancement that renders those annoying keys all but obsolete. The August Smart Lock Pro, for instance, operates with most smart home security platforms and sends out a notification letting you know if doors are shut and locked.
Security Gate
A security gate provides a valuable extra line of defense even if your home is bristling with smart security devices. No more worrying about a thief walking up the driveway and getting a clear shot at your valuables. Manual gates are less expensive and can be installed with an intercom system for when someone pops by unexpectedly, and automatic gates come with touchpads, a remote control, and/or a voice sensor. A gate is a good way to combine security and aesthetic appeal at an average installation cost of $771 to $3,045.
Home security systems dovetail nicely with one of the most important factors among home buyers, including square footage, price, school systems, and, of course, security. It’s an important point because studies have shown that burglars are less likely to victimize a property that has an alarm or some other notable security feature. That adds significantly to a home’s intrinsic value, as does the convenience of controlling everything from door locks to safety lighting. It can even benefit you from an insurance standpoint; many home insurers offer discounts of up to 20 percent to homeowners who have a monitored security system.  
Other Safety Measures
Not every home safety measure is rooted in high-tech gadgets. One tried-and-true way to discourage intruders is to plant trees, bushes, or plants in a way that makes it harder to access your house (thorn-bearing plants can be a real asset), though it’s important to maintain a clear line of sight out your windows. Combine them with motion-activated external lighting and you’ve got a pretty effective external anti-crime strategy. 
Home security technology helps you in several ways. It can reduce your homeowner’s insurance and ensure you get more from the sale of your home. Smart home security technology is an excellent investment and is likely to work in your favor when it comes time to sell.
Image courtesy of Pexels

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