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Monday, June 05, 2017

Lake In Good Shape To Start Season-Post Journal

With clear skies and warm temperatures, boaters and lake users are beginning to enjoy days out on Chautauqua Lake.
Among those on the water are Chautauqua Lake Association crews who are working on several fronts to clean up the lake. Doug Conroe, executive director for the CLA, said they started harvesting the first growth of weeds near the outlet so boats can move up the center navigational channel. In addition, Conroe said they’ve taken 40 truck loads of debris out of the water.
“Things are starting to move right along,” Conroe said. “We’ve been all around the lake and up major tributaries to get debris. We’ve covered the whole shoreline and open waters of the lake.”
So far, Conroe said the lake’s water quality is looking good. The lake’s seeing weed growth that’s coming on strong, but he said there’s no issue as it takes care of itself. Conroe said they’ll focus on the second growth, which usually occurs during the main recreational season.
“People shouldn’t be alarmed about the growth. It happens every year,” Conroe said. “It solves itself and goes away on its own. That’s why we don’t spend a lot of our limited funding dealing with it.”
One the key factors playing into the lake’s water quality is weather. Conroe said it’s a little early to know what will happen. He said they will get a better sense once the weather gets warmer.
“I’ve had communication with the laboratory in Syracuse about our water samples we collected (last week),” he said. “I was talking to the Department of Environmental of Conservation about it. We’re focusing on it and collaborating with everybody to make sure that we all know where we’re at and what’s happening.”
Conroe said the CLA will have crews at the north, south and middle sections of the lake during the season. The full crew will come on June 19, he said.
The CLA will again conduct a boat stewardship program at Chautauqua Lake as well as Lake Erie and Bear Lake. Watercraft stewards will be positioned at boat launches to talk to boaters about invasive species prevention. Conroe said they have most people hired, but they’re looking for more individuals to bring on.

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