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Friday, October 17, 2008

Chautauqua County Woman turning 107

Posted By: Dave McKinley

While "horse and buggy days" is a phrase often bandied about, very few people these days can say they actually experienced them.

Ruth Brant can.

She was born October 22, 1901, while the nation was mourning the death of President William McKinley who had been assassinated in Buffalo the month before. It was two years before the Wright brothers first took flight, and cars were a rare sight indeed where she lived in Bemus Point.

Nearly 107 years and 10 miles away, Ruth Brant resides at the Loyalton of Lakewood Senior Assisted Living Center, where she keeps active through a host of scheduled activities and has become a favorite among staff and residents alike.

She also reads the newspaper every day.

Asked by Two on Your Side what she believes the key to living such a long life is, she replied much as one might expect.

"Don't drink, and don't smoke," Brant said.

Longevity seems to run in her family. All three of Ruth's children are expected to celebrate her birthday with her next Wednesday, including her eldest daughter Betty who either skies or hikes mountain trails near her home in Utah on a daily basis.

Betty is 85.

With a presidential election coming up, it's an interesting exercise to figure out how many presidents have served since you've been alive.

In Ruth's case, the answer is 18....and three of those presidents served before women like herself were allowed to vote.


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