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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Live Music This Weekend In Chautauqua County

The Weekend Is Calling
 From Jamestown To Mayville And Back Again

I Am Frankie Scrapmetal will play Mojo's on Saturday. Next week, the local prog rock group will release its debut full-length CD — ''The Whole Damn Thing Was A Lie.'' P-J photo by Nick Dean
1/24/2008 - The weekend's calling. Sure it's only Thursday, but already I'm craving the digital jukeboxes and dartboards of Southern Chautauqua County's finest pubs. Sounds odd, I know. But there's a certain kind of comfort in benign bar banter and having to shout to be heard over a quality rock 'n' roll band — even if it means waking up hoarse the next morning. So join me, dear readers, and hit the town tonight. Or Friday. Or Saturday. There's plenty happening all weekend long.

¯ SPOTLIGHT ON I AM FRANKIE SCRAPMETAL — Fans will be able to buy I Am Frankie Scrapmetal's debut full-length in little more than a week. However, for members of the Jamestown-based prog rock quartet, quality live shows are ultimately more important than moving merchandise.

''Right now there's this dilemma for bands,'' singer/guitarist Justin Yarbrough told Late Night Spotlight recently. ''It isn't hard to find high-profile recording equipment and a lot of people are picking up instruments. A lot of people are making music and it's not as difficult as it used to be to write an album.''

''Right now, I think the biggest emphasis for a band should be on the live show,'' Yarbrough continued. ''When people come, you've got to give them a performance. You've got to give them something that they will remember instead of just another show by a local band.''

On Saturday, Yarbrough and company will play Mojo's. The gig is the band's last scheduled before next weekend's CD release party at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena. An all-ages concert, next Saturday's Ice Arena show will also feature Phantasm, Seric and Flood the Shoreline.

Rounding out the rest of I Am Frankie Scrapmetal are guitarist Jeremy ''Bone'' Nalbone, drummer Fred ''Bubba'' Lee and bassist/keyboardist Chris Howard. For more on the band, visit

¯ THE PLACE TO BE THIS WEEKEND — Saturday may be the last time the Mayville Shows crew holds a hardcore concert at the Hartfield Bay Cafe. ''We are in desperate need of a good turnout to lift our morale about booking shows,'' the group said in a recent MySpace posting. ''This could be the last Mayville show ever. It's sad to say, but true.'' Beginning at 5 p.m., Saturday's all-ages show will feature Bearathon, Stillframe Sky, Everything & You, Kaeolyn, Alexandria and Mighty Fine Stab Wound. Admission is $6. The Hartfield Bay Cafe is located at 6040 East Lake Road in Mayville.

¯ TEN SHOWS TO TRY TO SEE THIS WEEKEND — Plenty is happening in Chautauqua County this weekend. Just peruse the following list for proof:

10. Allergic Reaction will play the Cassadaga Legion on Friday.

9. Barefoot Sarah will play the Kennedy Grill on Friday.

8. Louisiana-based musician Larry ''LZ'' Dillon will play the Lakeview at the Docks in Mayville from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday.

7. Jack Baron will play a Friday evening show at Peek'n Peak's Regency Pub.

6. Terraplane will play Carol's Silver Dollar on Friday night.

5. The Labyrinth Press Company will have Bernice Murie on Friday and an open mic of sorts on Saturday.

4. Mari Kimura and the Chautauqua Regional Youth Symphony will perform at the Reg Lenna Civic Center this Saturday.

3. The Bogarts will play Carol's Silver Dollar on Saturday.

2. Fatal Mishap will play the Bullfrog Hotel on Saturday.

1. Two For Flinching will play the Lakeview in Mayville this Saturday night.
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