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Thursday, March 02, 2006

New 55 MPH Snowmobile Speed Limit

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i believe that speed is not what is killing people. i believe that people drinking and then getting on their snowmobiles, then going fast is what is killing people. when people drink, they think they are a super hero that can do anything, and that is why they are going faster, and that is what is causing deaths. for the snowmobilers that drive and do not drink, it can be hard to maintain a speed that is under 55 mph. there is not a cruise on snowmobiles, so if the driver is always worried about how fast he/she is going and constantly looking down at his/her speedometer, that will cause problems, because now he/she is not concentrated on the trail, but rather on his/her speedometer. where i snowmobile, the trail is old rail road beds, so they are straight as far as you can see. there are roads for vehicles that do intersect the trail, so there are stop signs occasionally. now, when traveling down a trail such as this one, it is very easy to travel over the speed limit without even knowing it. today's snowmobiles are much different than they were in the older days. virtually every snowmobile made today has no problem reaching the speed of 55 mph. also, the speedometers are known to be not very accurate. yes, the law of the speed limit does make sense, but i believe the drinking and driving rule should be enforced much more heavily, and give the people that have not been drinking a little bit of a break if they are close to the speed limit. i personally was out snowmobiling one evening and there was a dnr man standing on the trail with a radar gun. i got pulled over for going 62 mph in a 55 mph. this is only 7 mph over, does a cop usually pull you over for going 7 mph over in a car? not to many times will a cop in a vehicle do that. this dnr man had is truck parked down the road 100 yards so snowmobilers could not see it, and he was standing on the trail with his radar gun and a flashlight. i believe that this law makes people drive faster during the day, because they know that at night it is illegal. personally, i think that the dnr should sit by the taverns and watch how many people have been drinking get on their snowmobiles, and then go after them, they are the ones that are the unsafest. yes, speed will kill somebody that have not been drinking, but not as many that have alcohol in their system.