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Friday, March 03, 2006

Haunted Places in Chautauqua County New York

Feel free to browse the Haunted Archives. The following accounts are provided by The Shadowlands. JND infowire does not neccesarily support the existence of ghosts or hauntings. The following stories should be considered folk tales and nothing more. Unless it is a public place do not visit the listed properties without first contacting the owner.

Allegany - Ski Wing - Been sightings of people crossing the paths, wearing ski equipment; children crying, a little boy drowned in the pond; your car automatically stalls; and at night u look out of your rear view mirror and you see faces everywhere around you.

Bemus Point - Casino - The Casino is a teen dance place. The Ghost that haunts it is known as Jordan Basile, a young chef there who died when the oven blew up. He was around the age of 15. Now when they hold dances, food mysteriously disappears and people often trip and fall when nothing was in their path. Jordan Basile is seen at the new oven on August 16th (the date of his death) every 2 years making what appears to be lobster, which was his specialty.

Clymer - Jaquin’s Pond - Jaquin’s Pond is a swamp with a few narrow dirt roads through the woods. There are several stories about this spooky area. There are three bridges supposedly haunted by the ghost of a school bus driver named George, who committed suicide after a boy was killed in an accident involving his bus; if you stop on the third bridge and say his name three times, your car doors will lock and he will appear (there are several variations). The road also forks, diverging into the “Light Path” and the “Dark Path”. Apparently the Dark Path has been the site of more than one teenage suicide. Also surrounding the area are several old stone buildings which,may possibily have been used to be some kind of waterworks, now abandoned.

Dewittville - Poor House Cemetery - The Alms House/Poor Farm was located in Dewittville, NY. The cemetery is located on a portion of this property. The records date from 1833 - 1918. Grave markers were not used until 1869. The farm was used to house the poverty stricken people and the barn is the most haunted but numerous sightings of glowing orbs hearing weird noise’s in the wood’s.

Ellicottville - Hencoop Schoolhouse/ Cemetery - An old school house now an occupied house is said to have young children haunting it late at night in the downstairs area. It is also said that children are standing by your bed when you awake at night. Just down the road there is a cemetery with unexplained mists and a haunted woodland area behind it. The graveyard dates back to the 1850’s and contains many children’s graves. Witnesses have seen images in the woods just to the back right of the cemetery. A small clearing shows many signs of paranormal activities at night time.

Frewsburg - Grunsey Hollow Cemetery - The cemetery is haunted by a young lady who was stoned to death in the 1800’s and buried in this cemetery. There are many children buried in the cemetery. People have seen graves glow, glowing balls of light, animals hung on the cross, and heard children laughing and playing.

Jamestown - Hollen Beck Cemetery - This Cemetery is very old.1700-1800s. There have been reports of a headless horseman chasing young girls. Animal bones lying around. Calls for help. Weird noises like someone knocking on a coffin. Babies crying. Children laughing. And a kick ball rolling around. Many of the people that died here were children of large families. The cemetery is very small only containing about 15 gravestones. There has also been spotted of what appears to be a fire further off in the woods.

Jamestown - Jefferson Middle School - in 1950’s a girl died in this building! She was looking for her little brother and someone had killed her. Know one knows who. Many kids who attend this school around 1995 and up say they have seen the little girl in a white dress wandering around the halls saying, “bobby, where are you!!” Also they see a man with no head in this long dark black coat into class rooms and then things fall and big booms with out a reason.

Jamestown - Little Theater - The Little Theater seems to be haunted by many ghosts. In the shoe room, where they keep all the shoes for performances, the door will slam shut and lock when a person goes in there. The temperature will also drop significantly. Other stories have been told about a male ghost in the boiler room and practice room. People have even reported seeing a man on stage late at night, often playing pranks on people by moving things to where they should not be. He has supposedly spoken to children, luring them across the stage when unattended by their parents.

Mayville - Chautauqua Lake Central School - During the Fall of 2001 the Chautauqua Lake football team had a game. And during the game one of the players had gotten hit really hard and never told his coach anything. So after the game the team went into the locker room and everyone had left. But the kid that got hit and he started to have a seizer and died shortly after. Whenever a sporting event is over with you can see his shadow on the field/court. Sometimes in the locker room you can hear him pounding on the locker screaming HELP ME!

Westfield - McClurg Mansion - The spirits of maids are know to haunt this mansion. Mr. William Steward lived here once. In the basement there is axes and other weapons. A 4th grade class took a trip to see the Mansion and 2 boys had an encounter with a spirit. It was a white shadow. They said it looked like a girl in there mid 20’s. She was in the corner crying and they went over to see who it was and nobody was there. The spirit still haunts the McClurg Mansion and the 4th grade classes still go there for a field trip.

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Unknown said...

The one about Chautauqua Lake Central School is complete B-S. No one died in that school.

Unknown said...

The story about Jefferson Middle School is also B.S. The story says a girl died in that building in the 50's? That building was built in the 70's. So yeah....made up B.s.