Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chautauqua Lake Major League Fishing

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY, N.Y. — The nationally televised Major League Fishing program has picked Chautauqua Lake as the destination for this season's tournament, bringing in the world's top 24 professional bass anglers for a week of competition.

The unique rules and format of this tournament are designed to give viewers an inside view into professional fishing: to see the whole process the pros use to catch fish in a lake they have never been to.
The series will also showcase Chautauqua County in the national limelight for 13 weeks this winter.
"It's only this lake. Its only this community, as we play out our story for this event. So that's a real difference in the amount of exposure that a community receives and we're really proud of that," said Don Rucks, Major League Fishing Commissioner.
The tournament will air this winter on the Outdoor Channel and the finale will be a two-hour special, February 9th, on NBC.

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